Simple Stable and Cheap Hosting – from nothing to .com for under $5.00

Show your amazing talent online! Start with a $1.99 .Com Domain!
Starting a web venture can be stressful and expensive. GoDaddy is having a deal on right now were you can get a .COM for $1.99 – That’s A .COM FOR $1.99 – You can setup a web store and have that paid off with one sale. GoDaddy also has the quickest setup times for new domains around. You can buy it and set it up in a matter of minutes.

What’s better than getting one of the internet’s biggest, fastest hosting provider’s setups for a sweet deal? How about getting unlimited disk space from HostGator for $0.01 – That’s right, not $1.00 – but $0.01 – That is as close to free as you can get! They are also fast and awesome to deal with!

Jungle Disk is probably one of the best backup solutions on the net today. Forget about Mozy, carbonite. Guess who most of those guys backup to… that’s right – Amazon and Rackspace. These guys are basically the same thing!


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